Cognivive – Winner of the 2018 Sacramento Region Innovation Awards for BioPharma – Medical & Health

November 29, 2018 - 2 minutes read

The third annual Sacramento Region Innovation Awards was held on November 1st, 2018. The criteria for the award, among other things, includes  that the innovation must be developed by a Sacramento region entity, it must impact the lives of patients and society, is must have an impact on its markets, and it must be innovative. This year the Medical & Health category divided into two categories:  BioPharma and MedTech

The Winner for Medical & Health – BioPharma:

The winner for the Medical & Health – BioPharma category for 2018 was Cognivive for their virtual reality game treatment for brain injury recovery.






Cognivive’s evidence-based cognitive treatments are delivered through commercial-quality video games to make therapy regimens people will want to come back to. Backed by decades of scientific research, Cognivive is building treatment games to ease the burden of stroke recovery. Cognivive’s solution provides targeted stimulation to specific cognitive processes to help improve important brain functions. Patients can freely self-administer these therapies, potentially reducing recovery time and cost.

The Finalists:

Honorable mention to one other finalist:  AnimalBiome, which develops gut microbiome assessments and supplements for dogs and cats. 

AnimalBiome products test and restore your pet’s gut health. Research has shown that a balanced gut microbiome (the digestive system and how it handles food for nutrition and energy) is essential to overall health. When a pet’s microbiome is unbalanced, diarrhea, skin, immune system, and weight problems occur.

History of the Award

MedStart established the Claire Pomeroy Award in 2010 to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievement within our region for innovation in medical technology.

In 2016, as part of greater community involvement, MedStart formally pooled our efforts as the judging panel for the medical technology section of the Sacramento Region Innovation awards, which is hosted by Stoel Rives LLP with support from the Sacramento Business Journal and Moss Adams LLP.