The Sacramento Regional Innovation Award in Medical Technology, formally known as the Claire Pomeroy Award, was established in 2010 to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievement within our region for innovation in medical technology.

Award Criteria
The awards will be made by the Awards Committee to recognize innovators who have created important and high impact inventions and products (e.g. devices, drugs, diagnostics, medical IT products, etc.) that advance our region. Their inventions/products should transform an important aspect of the practice of medicine and/or the delivery of healthcare services, making them safer, more effective, less costly, and/or more accessible. Their invention or product must be in commercial or approved use in the medical industry. The Committee will prioritize those who have benefited SARTA’s nine county region (Butte, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Solano, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba).

Parameters to be assessed in making the awards may include:

  • Brilliance or ingenuity in solving problems and designing solutions,
  • Impact on the lives of patients,
  • Size of the populations affected,
  • Extent of the impact in its markets,
  • Impact on health care providers and/or processes of care,
  • Economic impact on the healthcare system.

Prior non-winning finalists will automatically be reconsidered. If there are updates, the nominees or their nominators are welcome to submit them.

2017 Award Winner (Sacramento Region Innovation Awards – Medical Technology Category)

Automated Data Entry Process Technology (ADEPT) by Applied Science, Inc.  –  ADEPT

2016 Award Winner (Sacramento Region Innovation Awards  – Medical Technology Category)

Evolve Biosystems –   B. infantis

2014 Award Winner (Claire Pomeroy Award by MedStart)

Joseph Simpson — Inventor of the Locking Cap

2013 Award Winner  (Claire Pomeroy Award by MedStart)

William Bargar, MD – Inventor of ROBODOC® a robotic surgical system for total knee and hip replacements

2012 Award Winner  (Claire Pomeroy Award by Medstart)

Brian Watwood, Wijit® Lever Driving and Braking System

2011 Award Winner  (Claire Pomeroy Award by MedStart)

Richard Wampler M.D., Hemopump and HVAD Heart Assist Device

2010 Award Winners  (Claire Pomeroy Award by MedStart)

Philip H. Coelho, BioArchive System by Thermogenesis
Edward A. Smeloff, Smeloff-Cutter Heart Valve
Warren D. Smith, PK Factor for assessing consciousness of patients under anesthesia
Richard K. Wertz, Autoscan Automated Microbiology Diagnostic System